EST 2020, a distinguished name in luxury skincare and pain relief, entrusted Anastasia with the creation of its visual identity, logo, graphics, and packaging designs. Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, EST 2020's STRONG.est Pain Relief and BOLD.est Skincare lines seamlessly blend wellness and beauty, offering anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antioxidant-rich solutions for healthy skin. Anastasia's creative vision harmoniously melded the realms of pain relief and skincare, resulting in cohesive designs that reflected the brand's luxury, wellness, and innovation values.

Anastasia's designs not only amplified EST 2020's market presence but also encapsulated its dedication to chemical-free excellence. The project showcased the brand's dedication to charitable initiatives. Anastasia's expertise successfully translated EST 2020's essence into visuals, positioning the brand as an emblem of compassion, quality, and excellence in both skincare and pain relief domains.

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